September 2010

Don’t Allow Shelter Dogs to Be Sold for Experiments!

When I was starting out as a young animal rights activist, I remember reading in my new materials from several organizations (ASPCA, PETA, etc.) that you should never advertise puppies or kittens for adoption in the paper. I was just appalled at this idea when I first heard it—how else could you find good homes for strays that you ran across or babies that pets that hadn’t been neutered or spayed yet had given birth to?

I had a lot to learn back then.

It turns out that a lot of animal researchers scan pet ads for “free to a good home” animals to use in their experiments. I know it’s chilling, but it’s true, and it’s a good reason to not find homes for animals that way. Instead, it’s usually a good idea to spread the word among friends and people you already know, as well as enlist the help of a veterinarian or local adoption agency.