January 2009

Is she going to ever have puppies?

Got a problem and I am not very sure how to go about answering it! Well my boyfriend and I have a 4 year old dalmation....she went in heat and we introduced her to a male dalmation it has been 2 months almost and she is plumped and finally getting milk but sometimes she is plumped and others she look normal? Is it false pregnacy or what? Please Help and too....can you give a preg. dog wormer?

my dog is ill and I'm unaware of what her illness is

I have two dogs that got in a fight over food. One bit the other on the nose. Now the dogs whole nose is swelling and i think she could have possibly retracted heartworn disease. Now not only she is bleeding and swelling in that one place on her nose, she is also bleeding above both eye brows, she has had no contact with my other dog and i have no clue as to why she is bleeding, so if can help any please email me at sshoe333@yahoo.com Thanks!

Looking for Dal Puppy

We are looking for a Dal pup (female). We are in Michigan, so any of the surrounding states would be great. Have been looking for a number of months with no luck. Our daughter is looking to train her Dal to do agility and alos trail riding with her and her horse. Anyone?

one more time

my 5 yr. old spayed pet dal eats grass and throws up 2-3 times a day usually before she eats in the morning (before she poops) and at night after food is digested. Nothing comes up but the grass. She's done this occasionally but more in the last few months. Any ideas?

fatty tumors

My 11 year old dal developed a large growth about 2 months ago on his shoulder which was biopsied as a fatty tumor. It has continued to grow and we are concerned even tho we have been told this is not uncommon in this breed. Does anyone have experience with this?

changing my cat's name?

up until recently, my kitten (that i've had for about two months) has gone without a name. until i could find the perfect name for my cat, we resigned to calling him "kitty" until then. now i've finally found a name for him and i was wondering, would it affect the cat if we all of a sudden just started calling him something else? would he have some sort of long-term confusion? any input is greatly appreciated.