December 2008


my dal splash smiles when i see her but when other people come around and she starts growling i dont know wether shes growling or smiling and i dont want any one getting hurt.what should i do

hen brooding on cage bottom

Help. My 6 year old and I have a pair of adorable peachfaced lovebirds. The hen laid one egg. I didn't know what to do, went to a pet store, bought a little nest and put the egg in it. She refused to sit on it. While we were on vacation, she laid 3 more eggs in the cage bottom and is sitting on them. I am afraid to change the cage bottom, but the eggs are sitting (and so is the hen) in unsanitary droppings for two weeks now!!! what should we do? Do we need to provide an additional heat source?

Our Sweet Dal has Skin Cancer

Suzie is a rescue dalmation that we saved last year. When we got her, we noticed a small lesion on her stomach which turned out to be cancerous. We had our vet remove it via surgery and thought that it was all gone; however, she has a new lesion about the size of a dime on the other side now. We have scheduled another surgery at our vet for next week. Has anyone out there experienced a similar problem with their dal? We are saddened, as expected, and worry whether we're doing the right thing or not. Any suggestions? I am attaching a picture. We look forward to any responses!


While on a leash or in the house my Dal does OK, If I take her outside off the leash and try to watch her as I work she dissappears. And when I do find her she is very reluctant to come to me. How can I get her to come when I call her. She is a rescued dog about 4 to 5 yrs old. I have had her about 3 yrs. Tried the underground wire but she was very afraid of it. So took it up. We take walks in the fields everyday as long as she is on the leash she is good. But if she is off the leash it's a problem to get her to come. She eventually comes in her own sweet time. need help. bob e

skin irritation

My dal sleeps with me. And recently I have developed a kind of rash or skin irritation. I'm not sure if I had an allergic reaction to something. Or if Penelope, my 5 1/2 month old dalmation has a condition that doesn't show up on her, but makes little raised bumps one me. She has been sleeping with me for about 3 months, and this just started about 3 weeks ago.

No Subject

While I was hospitalized, by vet (in error) sold by gorgeous Dalmation - (Dinah) There is an involved explanation. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get her back, I can fill them in.