November 2008

my 2 boys

hi i m a proud mom of two dals one is 8 yrs old max and his son miller 10 months old. max is such a great dog as my vet says an exception to the dalmation world, but his son is another story although i can tell that he is going to be a a good dog. he has tested all and every nreve in my body. i have found someone that will train him at her house for 2 weeks. he has to pick up and run and then tear apart things in my house someone suggested a GENTLE LEADER AND A PRONG COLLAR,, ANY ONE WITH IDEAS BEFORE I SEND HIM OFF TO BOOT CAMP AT $425.00 HELP

My cat ate a frog

Okay, my cat just ate a huge frog, and i fear that she will get sick from it. She eats lizards all the time, even thought i try to stop her. She is now covered in a sticky substance, assumably frog "slime" and is kinda like gagging or hiccuping. Do u think she will be ok? Is there a potential for her to be reinfected with worms?


I have a male dalmation 2yrs old that I have rescued. how often do I feed him 1x or 2x a day. Feeding once he appears always to be searching for food, any feedback welcome.

depressed dalmation

I took care of my father's landlord's dalmation Serena while they were out of town. She just recently lost her playmate (a dog) Jasmine. When I went to check on her, she was so lonely and depressed that I took her home with me. Her owners don't spend enough time with her at all. She is physically and emotionally abused. When Serena's owners came back, I had to take her back to her home. It broke my heart do so. They offered to give her to me, because they noticed a better change in her.

Skin aligeries

I have a Dalmation with skin aligeries very bad in summertime. Could this be caused from Revolution flea & heart worm control? This will last untill the weather turns colder about same time she goes off Revolution.

Itchy Skin

We recently adopted a 2 year old male dalmation that constantly scratches. We bathed him with a mild "puppy" shampoo, which only seemed to make it worse. Any powders or anything that might help?


i had at one time a female dobe who had the same problem...i was told that sometimes when they are spayed this can happen...i had her on ephedrine sulphate in pill form and that took care of the problem