October 2008


I have just acquired a 2yr old dalmation. I have been feeding him once a day but he seems to be constantly searching for food. Should I feed him smaller quantities 2x a day maybe. What are your thoughts fellow owners?

outside cats

I have 3 outside cats. they will stay outside cats. We live on a farm. Please don't lecture me on the plight of outside cats. I need some good advise. I need a cheap way to keep the garden shed warm where they stay.... any suggestions?

Dalmations in kansas

I am living in overland park and soon to be lees summit, mo and i would really like to find somone that has dalmation puppies. My g/f really wants one and i would love to surprise her in a few weeks with one. Just let me know if you can help me. thanks. justin

Two dogs better than one???

My wife and I are debating whether or not to get another Yellow Lab puppey. Our dog now is 1 year old, amazingly well behaved and we're not sure if we should get him a brother. I need some advice, pros/cons if two are better than one. We have the room and a huge 260 acre park across the street where we go everyday to play. Do you think he would like a playmate or is he better off alone with us. I should add he gets along well with other dogs too.


i just got a dog from the spca... my problem is i can't keep him in his create, he rips the door right off. I belive his is suffering from a seperation problem, we can't leave him alone for more than ten min. do you have any segestions?

Whats wrong with my Dalmatian?

My Dalmatian, Pongo is 7 years old and he is constantly bloaded in the stomach. The vet says his liver enzymes are high. Tried a new expensive food for liver problems. This increased his liver enzymes. Now my vet has him on a antiboitic called clavamox. She thinks he may have an infection inside. She wants to take xrays of his liver. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? He acts like he did when he was 2 years old, boucy and happy and always smiling. Has anyone had this problem before with their dalmation. Pongo has always been a healthy dalmatian. Thanks, Barbie

Dal Help, Info Please

Hey - I'm looking to adopt a new dog. My 11 yr old lab just died (tear) and I was looking at Dalmations. I have heard and have been told that they are wild cards and extremely rambunxious(sp) but I read that they are fast learners and good at commands. Can anyone help me out?