Man Hangs Dalmatian From Tree

Man Hangs Dalmatian From Tree

Stories like these are the ones that make us cringe, wondering if we are, indeed, beasts, as Joyce Carol Oates once wrote. How sentient and intelligent can we be if we actually harm other beings so disgustingly and heartlessly?

A 49-year-old man in Florida was caught hanging a Dalmatian and a Doberman Pincher from a tree. It sounds like something right out of the pages of a horror novel, perhaps, or a sadistic movie about serial killers; but it’s true, and Jorge Guzman-Zubiaur, who is accused of the crime, only took the dogs down from the tree after his neighbors expressed their outrage over the act and called the police.

It wasn’t soon enough, however, as the Doberman died. Guzman-Zubiaur is being charged with two counts of animal cruelty for stringing the dogs up so tightly and cruelly that when they attempted to move, they hung from the tree.

When a neighbor’s son spotted the scene, she called the police. She even went a step further and blocked the perpetrator’s way with her own car when he tried to flee the scene, and now is planning to adopt the Dalmatian who survived.

As heartening as this courageous neighbor’s actions were, would it also not be wonderful if we could all live like this—not just when we see animal cruelty, but when we see an injustice or sadistic act of any kind?